Publications & Presentations

Book Chapters

Reeves, A.J. And Minocha, S (2010). Relating Pedagogical and Learning Space Designs in Second Life in Teaching and Learning in 3D Immersive Worlds: Pedagogical Models and Constructivist Approaches, Cheyney, A and Sanders, R (eds.) IGI Global (In Press).

Minocha, S and Reeves, A.J. (2010). Interaction Design and Usability of Learning Spaces in 3D Multi-user Virtual Worlds in Human Work Interaction Design: Usability in Social, Cultural and Organizational Contexts, Katre, D.; Orngreen, R.; Yammiyavar, P.; Clemmensen, T. (Eds.), ISBN: 978-3-642-11761-9, Springer, pp. 157-167.

Reeves, A.J & Healey, P (2005) Participation in Community Systems: Indications for Design. In Peter Van den Besselaar and Satshi Koizumi (eds.), Digital Cities 3: Information technologies for social capital, cross-cultural perspectives. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, No 3081, pp. 341-354.

Journal Papers

Minocha, S, Quang Tran, M and Reeves, A.J. (2010). Conducting Empirical Research in Virtual Worlds: Experiences from two projects in Second Life In Journal of Virtual Worlds Research. Volume 3, Number 1, September 2010.

Minocha, S and Reeves, A.J. (2010).Designing for Learner Engagement: Relating pedagogical and learning-space designs in 3D virtual environments In Journal of Learning, Media & Technology Special Issue: Learning and Researching in Virtual Worlds, Volume 35 Issue 2, pp.111-137.

Healey,P, Reeves, A.J., White, G, Light, A. (2007) Conversation Space. In Computer-Supported Cooperative Work Journal Special Issue: Settings for Collaboration: The Role of Place.

Technical Papers

Minocha, S and Reeves, A.J. (2010). Designing for Usability and Accessibility in 3D Virtual Worlds in IEEE Learning Technology Newsletter (Special Issue on Usability Aspects in Technology Enhanced Learning ), Volume 12 Issue 2, ISSN 1438-0625, April 2010.

L. Barroca, L. Rapanotti, M. Petre, M. Vargas-Vera and A.J. Reeves, Developing research degrees online, Technical report no. 2010/05, Department of Computing, The Open University, UK

Conference Papers

Woodcock, A., Osmond, J. & Reeves, A.J. (2011). Connecting Communities. 2nd World Conference on Information Technology , Antalya, Turkey, November 2011.

Minocha, S., Hardy, C.L. and Reeves, A.J. (2011). Designing for navigation and wayfinding in 3D learning spaces. In: SIG meeting: What Evidence Do We Have That Games, Simulations and Virtual Worlds Change Practice, 15 April 2011, London, UK.

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Rapanotti, L, Barroca, L, Vargas-Vera, M and Reeves, A.J. (2010). "deepthink: a second life environment for part-time research students at a distance". In Proceedings of the 10th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT), Sousse, Tunisia, July, 5-7 2010

Reeves, A.J. & Minocha, S. (2009). “Designing Learning Activities in Second Life for Student Engagement”. CETL Conference, Open University, Milton Keynes, December 2009.

Minocha, S & Reeves, A.J. (2009). “Interaction Design and Usability of Learning spaces in 3D Multi-user Virtual Worlds”. IFIP HWID2009 Working Conference on Usability in Social, Cultural and Organizational Contexts, Pune, India.

Minocha, S & Reeves, A.J. (2009). “Realism or Non-Realism: Design of learning spaces in Second Life”. Conference on Virtual Worlds Best Practises in Education (VWBPE 2009).

Workshop Papers

Woodcock, A., Osmond, J. & Reeves, A.J. (2011). The impact of social media on goal-oriented groups. Workshop on 'Social Media at Work' ECSCW, Aarhus, Denmark, September 2011.

Reeves, A.J & Healey, P (2005) Participation in Community Systems: Indications for Design. Presented at: Digital Cities 3: Third International Digital Cities Workshop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 18-19, 2003.

Watts, L.A. & Reeves, A.J. (2006) Identity, Understanding and Design of Communication Facilities in CSCW Systems. presented at the workshop on Design and Computer Supported Cooperative Work at the ACM CSCW 2006 Conference, Banff, Alberta, Canada. November 2006.

Watts, L & Reeves, A.J (2005) Feeling Personal: The Emotional SIDE of Media Selection Dilemmas. Workshop on 'Virtuality & Emotion', EGOS 2005, Berlin.

Watts, L & Reeves, A.J (2004) Managing Projections of Identity in Technological Milieu. Workshop on 'Representations of Digital Identity', CSCW 2004, Chicago, USA.

Healey, P. & Reeves, A.J. (2001) Mobility & Participatory Status. Paper presented at the 'Mobilize' Workshop, Digital World Research Centre, University of Surrey.

Doctoral Consortium

Reeves, A.J. (2002) A Framework for Participation in Virtual Environments. Doctoral Colloquium, CSCW 2002, New Orleans, USA.

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